Sunday, 17 May 2009

hooray!!! i've been working hard all day today, and can hear my tumbler thundering in the background as i write. i'm becoming a lot more confident the more i work. at the moment i'm trying to stock up for my pitch at the charter fair-and despite being my usual clumsy self and breaking a few pieces (i think i've managed to alter and mend most!) i'm doing quite well. the glass i've been using came out really well, and looks absolutely beautiful! my only hang-up at the moment is that a friend of mine has asked me to fix an earpost on one of her earrings as a favour, but i've been trying and without paying out for a load of solder, i can't! anyway, it's late and i'm going to empty my tumbler and have a spy at all my shiny goodies!!!!

Friday, 1 May 2009

right, this is just to have written something, so you know where/how this ends up. i will change it later.

right, i am having a hell of a time trying to find a little turquoise heart cab for a pendant that an old friend has ordered for her sisiter. who would think it would be so difficult to find one little cab!!! i think i am going to have to buy a piece with the turquoise set, and just pry it out, which feels kind of silly. but, that is what she has asked for and that is what i shall endevour to supply, i don't like to let my clients down!! on the other hand, i have just spent an AWFUL lot of money on supplies and have made some very nice things using twig and plants. i'm also branching out, and have been using some very pretty dichro in myy stuff-- i'll just have to wait and see what the results are.