Monday, 13 December 2010

studio surprise!

well well well! hello you, (two!) i'd forgotten about you!!
 And so, to catch up-i found a studio space! (Well, to be completely accurate-a studio space found me!!)  it is in a barn not too far from here, and freezing, but great to work in! It's a little ramped room, walls covered in desks and shelves, every spae space full of stuff! There are other people flitting about, same as me, who i seem to get on with well enough-and frankly, it's nice to have the company on the rare occasions someone else is there!
    Moving swiftly on, having had a very unfortunately brief attempt at working alongside a very dear friend, i am sad to have had to lose her to a new life in Brum! (but she did teach me to capitalise my writing-whih i have been a bit slack on so far!!
   So far, i have had a few requests which i have been working on, some specialist charms for someone (they obviously meant something to her!) of a chickpea, and kidney bean, which i thoroughly enjoyed making, as it was such a personal request! Another commission for a small daisy for my very closest friend, by her husband-i hope i do them proud! So far it is pretty, but i am having trouble fitting the ring on the back, i wish i could find someone to teach me to solder sensibly-it would cut out a lot of stress!!
  I am going for a bit of a personal transition at the moment, unfortunately my partner may or may not be leaving, so i may or may not attempt to negotiate to go on a course i've been wanting for a while now......
  Wish me luck!!