Saturday, 12 November 2011

Ok, so I really am a bit crap at this- but I'm trying!
I cleared all of my bits out of the studio yesterday, and transferred everything to a temporary place in a friends house- awkward! I managed to rip out the worktop I'd been working on- but didn't think it through, and now I have nothing to put it on!! Drat!
Work news- I had a craft fair last week and sold a few bits, which was excellent! I need to crack on and make a load more Eco bits, the earrings in particular are selling like hot cakes! Even in the online shop, i've just had an order for a pair of earrings and a button hole! Woohoo! Also, did I tell you about Craftseller? I was approached through Folksy to write a features for them that will be printed in the next issue, released on the 20th December! How very grown- up! They wanted a picture of me too- so beware!

Thursday, 3 November 2011

Went to have a look at a possible studio today, in St Micheals Studios, they wanted £150 a month, what kind of impoverished (alright, just because I don't look it!) artist has that going spare after children and mortgage! Jesus, if I had that extra, I'd have a bloody house big enough to work in! Ah well, the search continues....

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

I found out last night I am losing my studio- again. So far today I have filled my entire bath with empty cans to rinse and dry, to cut down and store flat- check out the box I've just brought in!!