Wednesday, 7 July 2010

fair-y tales

right, so, i have gone to try and wrote this post about four times over the last few days......everyytime a child jumps on me. or anyone really! ah well....such is life!
    the two fairs i had over the weekend were pretty dire, i sold one pair of earrings.   if i do the charter fair again i will have to re-think where i go, being in the arts centre doesn't seem like a good plan, even the people who came in looking for me couldn't see me! and as for beaminster--i don't think i'll bother again. it was really badly organised, but i did manage torun off before they charged me a pitch fee--i hope no-one noticed!! to be fair, i didn't actually realise until i got home!
  i have now booked myself in for mosterton show on saturday and sunday, and for stoke abbott street fair on the 17th. at least that should be good, it sould be the right sort of ''audience'' for me, and there'll be plenty for the kids to do-although i may need to enlist help!!
  i am still sans studio. i am still none th wiser as to what to do about this. i have rung everyone i can think of, and tried every avenue. i just don't know.

Friday, 2 July 2010


terrified about tomorrow.
i need to go through all of my things and make sure i have everything, and that it's all organised.. it just me, or does this writing seem smaller?!
   anyway-i have remembered that i need to make a sign to say about the display pieces. CHARTER FAIR TOMORROW!!!! ARGGGGHHHHHHHH.
really looking forward to the feedback on the new stuff i've done, will be really helpful to hear what people have to say.
 still worried about studio space though......really don't know what i'm going to do. i have to find somewhere....i will have to ask around. grr.


Thursday, 1 July 2010

part 2

right. been working like a fiend, i didn't update you last nigt as i didn't finishworking untilwell past midnight--and so just passed out! am going home today, have not quite finished, but thought i'd gt on and do this while some things dry ready for refiring.

here is m working hard---just to prove i actually do!!
note: the desk is messy!!! i do try to be tidy!!!
in fact--i can't even tell you what i am doing here--ihave no idea!! eliie was wandering in and ouut taking photos at random!

right--copper leaf. COMPLETE disaster. i spent most of yesterday bulking up, firing, breaking, fixing, refiring--it DID NOT WORK. so i have abandoned the idea entirely. at least for the moment, also, the copper ring bands i made (which i thought were reletively foolproof) did not happen either dammit!

will carry on later...have to pack up and leave!