Saturday, 12 November 2011

Ok, so I really am a bit crap at this- but I'm trying!
I cleared all of my bits out of the studio yesterday, and transferred everything to a temporary place in a friends house- awkward! I managed to rip out the worktop I'd been working on- but didn't think it through, and now I have nothing to put it on!! Drat!
Work news- I had a craft fair last week and sold a few bits, which was excellent! I need to crack on and make a load more Eco bits, the earrings in particular are selling like hot cakes! Even in the online shop, i've just had an order for a pair of earrings and a button hole! Woohoo! Also, did I tell you about Craftseller? I was approached through Folksy to write a features for them that will be printed in the next issue, released on the 20th December! How very grown- up! They wanted a picture of me too- so beware!

Thursday, 3 November 2011

Went to have a look at a possible studio today, in St Micheals Studios, they wanted £150 a month, what kind of impoverished (alright, just because I don't look it!) artist has that going spare after children and mortgage! Jesus, if I had that extra, I'd have a bloody house big enough to work in! Ah well, the search continues....

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

I found out last night I am losing my studio- again. So far today I have filled my entire bath with empty cans to rinse and dry, to cut down and store flat- check out the box I've just brought in!!

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Great day at work today, finished three pairs of earrings finished, two rings with a lovely interval of silliness! Two of my dear friends (one my photographer) came out to take some photos for a magazine feature I've been asked to do for craftseller magazine- and much madness occured! Some excellent photos as usual courtesy of mr Ben Adams (schtumple). Very chuffed with the two Rose rings that were commissioned, had a bit of an adventure trying to solder the second though! (of which there is photographic evidence!) now to hope they fit .....
Also managed to complete two pair of fushia-esque earrings, one in copper, one in silver. I'll see how popular they are on Saturday. I really like them, I've done so much flat work earring-wise, it's nice to have really constructed something!
Woohoo! I've just been asked to write 100 words for a magazine feature on 'upcycling and recycling' I just need to figure out what to write!

Sunday, 9 October 2011

Love and affection, I'm loving a bit of Joan armatrading in these posh surroundings! Like a bit of home in a foreign environment.
All set up, tea-d and ready to open, a lovely selection of suppliers today- loving the lollipop trees the most!
I get the feeling I'm going to be wishing very strongly that I hadn't been placed adjacent to the caterers giving out fishy canap├Ęs- it's boiling in here!

Saturday, 8 October 2011

Started today on the wrong foot work-wise, lost my business cards and handed over the wrong bouquets! Oops! On the upside I finished off a mixed Jack and Coke bunch, added some Monster blooms to the other Jd bouquet. I also took the opportunity to make some Monster earrings, which look very good! Now to wait and see how tomorrow goes and seethe internally at having the wrong combination of bouquets! Damn!

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

A distinct lack of work done today due to the insistent absence of my two bundles of floristry wire, so I have 24 hours to locate said wire and get two extra bouquets done for the extra show on Sunday! I have also just been reminded of an order I had somehow forgotten about from a friend, a replica of the ring I wear, I must write these things down!!
I had an absolute disaster at work yesterday where I repaired a ring, lost the very pricey stone somewhere in the studio! After an hour and I bit I thankfully located it, and got on with a resizing on a ring I'd made too large by mistake, and took the chance to re-seat the stone a little better! Not sll was lost!

Sunday, 2 October 2011

Lovely couple on the next stall are my new friends, only she keeps trying to therapise me, let's hope she doesn't discover too much! Brilliant lady, she's working as a bridal coach, ace idea for anxious brides!

The Village Hotel Wedding Fayre

Just met the very lovely lady from who make beautiful cupcakes, the picture truly doesn't do them justice but these were my favourites!

Saturday, 1 October 2011

Welcome to a new start!

From now on I will be using this blog as it was made to be used- I hope! No idea why I never searched for the app before, but now i have it I can take you all to shows with me! I'm looking forward to the village show in Bournemouth tomorrow, to whet your appetite for what's to come, check out this wedding cake exhibited at the Pavilion show last week end as a break from the traditional- I love it!! (next time I'll remember to get the details for you too!!)
Also don't forget to check out my facebook page 'Geneva Silver' and my folksy shop at and of course, the website
I have just started on a brand new range of copper and brass pieces, in response to the demand of less costly pieces after the massive hikes in the price of silver over the last year or so, some of these I will be listing on folksy in the coming week!
I'll see you tomorrow at the show!!

Sunday, 15 May 2011

WOOHOO! Ok, so new website finally up and running, after much hard work.
  First bridal show under my belt at the very beautiful 'walled gardens of Cannington.' Got a fair amount of interest in my new project, and some excellent feedback.

Wednesday, 2 February 2011

a rosy outlook.

  oh my poor blog-i neglect you horribly! i keep forgetting that you exist!
     right, to start off, today i got into the studio, a very excited lass! i'v been drawing up ideas for an ''alternative bouquet'', and i was dying to try out a few designs!! I Began by cutting up a few drinks cans, into some sheet metal, as a mock-up, before using the pricier metals!
    I tried out two different rose ideas, one from a spiral base :

and the lower pic, from constructing with petals.
    i'm not sure yet which one i prefer, the first was a lot less work, and looks very simple, and stylish, but the second seems more accurate, but seemed a bit haphazard, and the outer petals seemed far too loose.

What i've been most fired up about though, is having a go at making a calla-type lily, but as you can see below, it didn't come out as well as i'd hoped!

However, it has shown me that i need to think very hard about connecting the ''stem''-it needs to flow more. I have a theory, that i il have to try out next time, which basically entails (spiralling?) a large-ish piece of sheet, and inserting a large dapping punch in the wrap toward the top, to make the right kind of 'bell' shape at the base of the flower.......we shall see!!