Saturday, 5 September 2009

right--here again after a short break! (a short, very busy break!) i can't remember when i left you but having done a few stalls and a few commissions it's been a busy few weeks! the charter fair went off with a bang, and i did really well-it really surprised me! however, bee-fest was another story, there being about 3 stalls and a huge empty field!! needless to say it did not go well, but i had a killer tan! moving on to the melplash show with helen, having moved (finally!) into the studio, we only remembered to get a very expensive pitch at the last minute and did appallingly! ah well-trying times and all that jazz! apart from that-i had two commision pieces from the shop in town that stocks my jewellery--candlelight living, south street--which after a small dilemma were received very well, and i had an opportunity to play with some enamels! another order i have been working on, my favourite so far-it has to be said, is a small silver bottle pendant with a glass window. i thought this was such a lovely idea, as the woman who ordered it was getting ait as a present for her surfer-daughter for her eighteenth birthday, and wanted to fill it with sand from coco beach, which is her daughters favourite place! so, anyway--having had mark 1 explode in the kiln, and going slightly over due because of this-i am handing it over this morning, having fixed the explosive issue! we'll see how it's taken...........

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