Saturday, 13 March 2010

website wonders

wey hey, thanks to a lovely friend of mine dowloading a web-site maker to my computer i can now take charge of my own website!! so far this has proved fairly idiot-proof, so surely even i shouldn't be able to make it go too badly wrong! this is the single most helpful thing anyone has done! i can now write anything that seems appropriate, change it later, change all of my photos around so that they're not getting terribly out of date, and constantly update the entire site as and when i need, hooray!
i am thinking of setting myself a project inside the theme i am working on, a set of rings. i'm looking to explore the organics idea,, and see how i can translate that into several ring designs. i will make a set of ring bases, and see how many differentt things i can do on that basis. not only will this spur me on in my chosen theme, but will also improve my ring-making skills considerably-which at the moment are basic at best. i am very much looking forward to immersing myself in this project, and as soon as i get paid for the work i am currently completing i will buy the silver and hopefully crack on! (this is assuming that my partner will take his agreement of looking after the children for set hours a week seriously!)
wish me luck.......

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