Thursday, 1 July 2010

part 2

right. been working like a fiend, i didn't update you last nigt as i didn't finishworking untilwell past midnight--and so just passed out! am going home today, have not quite finished, but thought i'd gt on and do this while some things dry ready for refiring.

here is m working hard---just to prove i actually do!!
note: the desk is messy!!! i do try to be tidy!!!
in fact--i can't even tell you what i am doing here--ihave no idea!! eliie was wandering in and ouut taking photos at random!

right--copper leaf. COMPLETE disaster. i spent most of yesterday bulking up, firing, breaking, fixing, refiring--it DID NOT WORK. so i have abandoned the idea entirely. at least for the moment, also, the copper ring bands i made (which i thought were reletively foolproof) did not happen either dammit!

will carry on later...have to pack up and leave!

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