Wednesday, 2 February 2011

a rosy outlook.

  oh my poor blog-i neglect you horribly! i keep forgetting that you exist!
     right, to start off, today i got into the studio, a very excited lass! i'v been drawing up ideas for an ''alternative bouquet'', and i was dying to try out a few designs!! I Began by cutting up a few drinks cans, into some sheet metal, as a mock-up, before using the pricier metals!
    I tried out two different rose ideas, one from a spiral base :

and the lower pic, from constructing with petals.
    i'm not sure yet which one i prefer, the first was a lot less work, and looks very simple, and stylish, but the second seems more accurate, but seemed a bit haphazard, and the outer petals seemed far too loose.

What i've been most fired up about though, is having a go at making a calla-type lily, but as you can see below, it didn't come out as well as i'd hoped!

However, it has shown me that i need to think very hard about connecting the ''stem''-it needs to flow more. I have a theory, that i il have to try out next time, which basically entails (spiralling?) a large-ish piece of sheet, and inserting a large dapping punch in the wrap toward the top, to make the right kind of 'bell' shape at the base of the flower.......we shall see!!

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