Thursday, 13 May 2010

green goddess

mmm, right, i now have my hands on a stunning princess cut emerald, a very hard to get hold of--setting, and a ring roll on engagement ring!! i've been desperately trying to get hold of a ringmaker, but to my dismay they seem few and far between. wah. oh well--lots of sanding it is then!! i can't decide whether to carve some vines around the setting, or apply the detail around it. mmmm, will have to experiment with that one. i am so nervous about this one, this will be the most expensive thing i've done so far. (and i won't be happy until i know that the stone sits in the setting properly!!)
also, i need to make two small house charms, by SATURDAY which should be interesting, when she said she wanted it by the 20th, i thought she meant june!!!! dear god i hope i've got enough silver!! argh.
so, so excited about the tools i've just ordered-i should have over £140 worth coming soon-so i dearly hope i get the money for my brooches when it's due!
on that note, i haven't finished my plans for tomorrow as i appear to have misplaced my notebook somehow--i've had the damn thing to hand for weeks--i had to lose it TONIGHT! when i actually needed it the most!! therefore i must go to bed, so that i can actually do all the things i need to do tomorrow morning!!
wish me luck!!

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