Thursday, 20 May 2010


well, had a brilliant party last night, good few women came--more than i've had before (but that's not hard!) everyone had a laugh, and pretty much everyone bought or ordered something! i have another challenging comission, a lady wanteda bottle/locket type thing for a lck of her sons hair--so this week, i will mainly be designing that!! i can't wait! i really love the projects people give me, and am so honoured that they feel comfortable enough to ask me!
i've also been commissioned to make a ring similar to one of my very first trials, that was seen at the last party, a ring that i love! i can't wait to make another.
and one of the charms from the charm-making has been ordered, which was actually very lovely. plus two of my stock pieces. all in all, not a bad nights work!!
roll on tomorrow!!

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