Tuesday, 29 June 2010

intensive work ethic

wey hey. so, i'm in bournemouth. i sat down to work at half past ten this morning, having sorted the kids, and handed them over to my obliging hostesses, and have just finished up and gotten into bed!
   i was working for 12 hours!! (minus a few little breaks to sort the kids out, put to bed etc...)
i have been pasting crazy today...look!

   this is a fraction of what i've done. and they are still unfinished due to a slight pastey mis-calculation!!
although--they will be beautiful-IF i can finsh them off without breaking them--i  have to get them back home to complete! arg
 ah well. i have made one thing that i am immensly proud of---here is an awful late-night photo...........

and have finally finished my engagement ring. i managed to fix what i broke last week, but tthen the other leaf broke---there really was NO way to fix that-and as it doesn't look too bad i'm just going to leave it.
or leaf it!! muahaha, oh dear-it really is too late!

note to self: do not attempt to take pictures yourself--they're rubbish! 
      i still don't understand how i let myself run out of paste--that shouldn't have happened!!
i also made some puzzle pieces, for earriings, although i may change my mind on that. maybe turn them into a necklace.....oh yeah---i spent HOURS filing down the end of a very thick piece of copper wire to put my strawberry leaves on (which are verysweet!) and i'm still no-where near---that will take a long time! i wnt to make itso that i can twiddle the end so that it looks all tapered and viney. it will take a million years!
    i've been doing a lot of torch-firing, as i can't trust my kiln, (which is in the car, but i'm not intending on using it) so i have been firing most thing twice- or three times just to make sure they're properly done, even if they didn't need it anyway!!!
    i am incredibly impressed with my hand fired leaves--i never thought i would be able to do them with out ruining them all!! 
next time: more paste!!!
     and for tomorrow, copper torques, more leaves (hopefully) and some copper clay things!!!
                         ....wish me luck!

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