Thursday, 24 June 2010

ok guys, and the award for the most fucked-up day at work yet goes to.......! jesus.

ok, i will try and start from the start--but this is going toget stressed!! i found out last week that i had a fair booked for the 3rd. and i have no work to show (excvept the rubbish stock i've been toting around for the last three years! ) so i start to panic. i then realise that i have only two work days btween then and....for the sake of arguemnet we'll say i panic more.
plus lak of materials.
plus lack of money for materials.

you can see where this is going. make my life easier, i book another fair. the. next. day. i know, idiot. so, i now have two stalls in two days....and no materials.......NO KILN!
Did i mention that my kiln is not well? it's not. it keeps melting things. i don't know how to fix it. so i've been trying to work with more traditional methods, soldering, riveting, wire work, and torch-firing the stuff i need to, just so that i have some work to display. even if it's not (internally) good enough to sell, i cango ''look, here's what i can do......sometimes.''

so i calm down.

i arrange childcare.

i work.

the new man of the house where i have my studio space comes in when i've been hard at work all day (and have just finished the engagement ring--and then broken it!) and goes schitzo at me. completely. kicks me out. so i hare out of the place, leaving all of my work in disarray. with no clue what to do.

this is the morning after that. i am supposed to be working tomorrow. i don't know what to do. i really don't. i have 8 days to prepare for two stalls. in work days--that's four. and i don't evenknow if i can get back into the studio.

i am phoning everybody i know to see if they have space/know of someone with space. i am really screwed.

although, whilst at work yeaterday, i managed to fix a leaf necklet that i just bout managed to scrape together last time, and then broke---which is now gorgeous, despite being a bit melted-but i think that makes it interesting! i (hopefully) successfully torch-fired another leaf--and was about to attch bail when everything kicked off. ---so now at least i know i can do it!

i broke my ring!!! :(


  1. Hello my lovely. :) I am now following you - I decided to link to you in my video thing if only I can figure out how to do that!

    Btw, if you want me to code you a sexy new blog with pictures of your jewellery or something a bit more interesting/spiritual/tailored to you specifications, I would be more than welcome of the distraction :)

  2. ooooooh, it didn't even tell me that you wrote that....i just happened to be looking through my old posts......hmmmmmm.......that sounds kinda good