Saturday, 1 October 2011

Welcome to a new start!

From now on I will be using this blog as it was made to be used- I hope! No idea why I never searched for the app before, but now i have it I can take you all to shows with me! I'm looking forward to the village show in Bournemouth tomorrow, to whet your appetite for what's to come, check out this wedding cake exhibited at the Pavilion show last week end as a break from the traditional- I love it!! (next time I'll remember to get the details for you too!!)
Also don't forget to check out my facebook page 'Geneva Silver' and my folksy shop at and of course, the website
I have just started on a brand new range of copper and brass pieces, in response to the demand of less costly pieces after the massive hikes in the price of silver over the last year or so, some of these I will be listing on folksy in the coming week!
I'll see you tomorrow at the show!!

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  1. Oh my god, that looks amazing... *drools* Also, the very best of luck with the wedding stalls! I'd love to see some pics of your stuff all set up the next one you go to. :) xx