Saturday, 10 April 2010

craft fair chaos

i am now completely knackered after-lets just say, a pretty eventful day!! having actually got myself sorted and packed up in the car to get to the fair (apart from having to also take my smallest, a three-month old baby!) i got to within a mile of my destination, when a simple 4-3 gear change somehow turned into a 4-5 gear change at just the wrong moment, and i eneded up losing a wheel, and two tyres!
thankfully, my table was next to some very lovely people who took pity on me, and offered to babysit while i (belatedly) set up my stall. the highlight of my fair being a woman opposite me, who thought it would be a nice gesture to come and boast to me about the course i have been dying to do, but cannot afford, and tell me very bluntly that my stuff was very pretty, but wasn't real silverwork, and wasn't it just like cheating. fantastic! thank you very much!
the short version of this entry is thus: did a craft fair, sold nothing, left. it was a great day, just very, very expensive!
tip for next show: examples of commission work, wedding pieces etc.

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