Wednesday, 7 April 2010

lesson learnt today--do not fire all of the things you have been working on too hot. one of my beautiful silver leaves is now lots of tiny molten silver balls, my hollow copper bead no longer exists in any real sense, my blank copper ring shank looks like swiss cheese and my pretty leaf ring nearly worked, but has plenty of its own problems! i definately need a new kiln. oh dear.
i have to admit to being slightly disappointed that my copper rings didn't work, although i can't say i'm surprised. they were looking very lovely before they went into the kiln, and i'm definately getting better at my ring making.
i have it in my mind to make a pair of mis-matched fiddles, i hope i get a chance to throw myself into that, it's one of those things i feel i need to do for someone, and for myself.

on the selling front, i have booked myself a table at the dorset art and craft fair in dorchester this saturday, which i'm looking forward to. there are a few things i am slightly concerned about, one is that i haven't got that much new stuff, it's mostly left over from last years failures, and i'm not keen on a lot of it, but maybe i'll change my mind about that when i get it all out of its box for the first in a long time!! the other thing is that i'll have my 3 month old with me, and worry that i'll really struggle with the stall and the baby on my own. i have asked my brother who will be coming to visit if my 10 year old niece would like to come and help be honest i don't know what i'll do if she doesn't! fingers crossed............

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