Sunday, 25 April 2010

party fever!

ok, so i did my second ever party last night, i was very, very nervous! thankfully, it was a very good friend of mine who'd booked it, and another very good friend was attending, so that helped me a lot in the confidence department. in the end, two people showed up, both were interested in ordering work/booking parties, and i sold a very old necklace for £30, which i see as a pretty damn good ratio!! i did a firing demo, but no=one really cared about that, and it was quite difficult for everyone to see, so i'm not sure i'll do that next time. however, everyone enjoyed polishing up some pre-fired pieces, which will come in handy i'm sure!! i was thinking about doing some water-casting, but my attempt at the studio demonstrated that my torch just isn't up to the challenge! the charm-making went down very well, it was miles better than the first party where they did it using silver clay, and i brought a load of moulds and texture sheets, and didn't join in. last night, instead of that, we used wood clay, i was sitting on the floor, and just had a few shaping tools, it was great fun! next time, i think a few more clay shapers are needed, but not a lot else.
over the week, i have also been doing some reasearch, and trying to gather some tips on getting the copper to fire properly. i am beginning to really crave some more time at the studio, but when i'm there it's just so difficult to concentrate! and other than that, the kids came in and crushed the hinge i was working on, on a locket i havee been very slowly making for the last few months! i was so upset that i actually had to leave. on the up side, the large geranium leaf that i snapped mended very well, and was greatly admired on party-night!!

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